Annual Meetings

Annual Meetings usually take place in November and provide an opportunity for members and friends to gather and to review the work of the association from the previous year and to welcome new Board members or new Officers. Inspiring guest speakers present topics of interest to MGA members, their family and friends and provide an educational experience that is unique to our area. A panel of local health professionals offer additional MG-related information and are available for a much anticipated question and answer period. The annual meeting also provides an opportunity to thank special people for their volunteer efforts. The MGA especially appreciates those that enhance the quality of life of those living with MG and those who provide support for the Myasthenia Gravis Association. ARJ Infusion Services sponsors this event which includes a lovely luncheon with free raffle prizes that follows the program part of the event.



 2014 Annual Meeting
November 1st
St. Joseph Medical Center’s Community Center