Saint Lukes Medical Center: MG Clinic

A specialist in neuromuscular disease, Dr. Michael Schwartzman has been associated with the Myasthenia Gravis Association since 1993.  Dr. Schwartzman’s practice is part of Neurological Consultants which is affiliated with St. Luke’s Medical Center and he sees patients at Neurological Consultant’s office in Kansas City on the Plaza, St. Luke’s South and Lee’s Summit locations.  Diana Wilmoth, RN is the Volunteer Clinic Coordinator of the MG Clinic and served on the MGA Board of Directors for many years and is a person living with Myasthenia Gravis.  Committed to educating and supporting MG patients and their families, as well as fulfilling the mission of the MGA, Diana has coordinated Dr. Schwartzman’s MG Clinic for over 10 years.  Because of Diana’s nursing background and MG status, she has a unique perspective on MG health education.  Consequently, many of Dr. Schwartzman’s MG patients agree to have her accompany them during their physician appointments.  Dr. Schwartzman and Diana provide a multi-disciplinary approach to the treatment of MG.  Patient appointments are less stressful and provide for more understandable and useful information.  There is encouragement for patients to become their own health advocates and participate in prevention.

Diana Wilmoth, RN, Volunteer MG Clinic Coordinator, a patient & Dr. Michael Schwartzman