KU Medical Center MG Clinic

The University of Kansas Medical Center MG Clinic was organized in 2002 under the leadership of Dr. Richard Barohn, Chair of the Neurology Department, who at the time was also serving on the Myasthenia Gravis Association Board of Directors. Dr. Barohn is a world renowned MG specialist and MG researcher. His team of Dr. Mazen Dimachkie, Dr. Mamatha Pasnoor, Dr. April McVey, Dr. Vernita Hairston-Mitchell and Dr. Melanie Glenn create a unique opportunity for patients and their families to receive care based on the most current research and treatment methods. An effort is made to schedule MG patients on Tuesday mornings so that the MGA Program Coordinator can meet with the patient and family that may attend in the patient’s room. The coordinator offers a personal and less scientific approach to care and support for the patient in their everyday quest to live a more healthy life. The coordinator also helps patients gather their thoughts and concerns so that the most will be made of their physician appointment. This collaborative approach is of great value to patients and offers the kind of support that encourages patients to take control of their health and helps in the management of living with a chronic disease.


Anne Strader, MGA Program Coordinator with MG patient and spouse at the KUMC MG Clinic