Public Awareness

 “I never heard of Mysthenia Gravis; what is it”?  Since only 1 in 5,000 is likely to have MG, many people may not be aware of this neuromuscular, autoimmune disease. Therefore the MGA is committed to raise awareness throughout the year. MGA staff, Board of Directors, Medical Advisory Committee and volunteers are available to speak to community groups, educational institutions, businesses and other non-profit organizations. If you know of a group that would like to learn more about MG and the MGA, please call the MGA office at: (816) 256-4100 or email:



Every June the MGA observes MG Awareness month by sending press releases to local  media.  We also select a health-related profession that impacts the lives of those living with MG, and mail specific information that may be helpful in diagnosing and treating MG patients. Recent mailings have been sent to neurologists, first responders,  ophthalmologists, nurses and hospital social work departments in KS and MO.


MGA Walks for Awareness provide opportunities for family and friends and local sponsors to support those living with MG, along with a fun way to raise money for our programs and services. The MGA sponsors a spring MGA Walk, Run & Roll For Awareness that takes place in the Kansas City metro area, a spring Walk for MG Awareness in Wichita, KS and a June MGA Walk For Awareness In Memory of Terry Ward in Lawrence, KS. For more information about these walks, contact the MGA at: (816) 256-4100 or email:

A great way to help our mission is to think about who you know who could be in a position to sponsor a MGA event or program.  You could download our promotional booklet that tells our story, or you could request a copy from our office.  Just call (816) 256-4100.